Sunday, January 17, 2016


YOU CAN GROW CLOSE TO THE LORD WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY AND THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH OR SCAM and you could totally think it was but here's my picture
my name is christa sloan.
on this blog i'm not going to hide anything unless i delete the whole thing which unlikely.

I joined a Facebook group called Bible Journaling Digitally which is a closed group and love the environment there except for one thing. 
A lot of people there are probably struggling to make due - that's not the issue i have and i understand but we need to trust in the Lord to make it through not SELL products on Facebook to new christians 

i'm a recommitted Believer with money problems and a spending issue.
here's my new bible.
page 1

this is a leather-bound ESV single column journaling Bible. I didn't need this.
I could use a regular bible and journal on a different notebook or EVEN SAVE PAPER AND USE OLD PLANNER PAPER WITH CHEAP STICKER ART AS HERE:
even this is more than i need.
let's say that i have a roll of masking tape and some crayola markers.
not only can that masking tape cover up and strengthen regular paper.
I CAN USE PENS AND MARKERS ON MASKING TAPE TO CREATE WASHI TAPE and design all sorts of things on old planners and journals.

if you used to keep a diary full of sin i recommend praying about it for forgiveness and then USE MASKING TAPE OR EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE WASHI TAPE TO COVER UP WHAT YOU WROTE and you won't ever need to think about it again and you can create gorgeous bible art for a cheap price.
i recommend don't buy this stuff from the dollar store even here as we are trying to save money because they will dry out the second you buy them.
Go to hobby lobby (a christian store) and purchase crayola regular markers and crayons and colored pencils and even maybe some water color pencils and a comp notebook and some masking tape and you can buy a KJV bible for like 2$ used somewhere or you probably have one or HECK someone might just give you one if you are in need

SECOND where to find inspiration.
sometimes i start my day saying i'm going to spend all day with Jesus in prayer and i'm going to give thanks for every meal and i'm going to have like 4 quiet times
that is never what happens i get interrupted by people and stuff.

don't BUY your first bible study

let's say right now you don't own a computer
you are on a friend's computer or a library computer.

well, you know the cheapest way to just get a devotional is on the internet.

so i would say request a devotional book from our daily bread because even if you get a back issue you can still use it no matter what day it is.
i'm using one from march april may 2015 and i put a cheap sticker from family dollar (also a christian store) on each day to know that i've completed it.

let's say you are a person who likes to do things in order.
there are many bible reading plans and there ARE some in Our daily bread
but if you are SO serious you are liKe I"M GOING Read the whole bible in a year genesis to revelation,

my advice is 1,. don't pressure your relationship with god like that he will lead you where yo are supposed to go
chances are you are really supposed to read one verse more than one time and you really should be memorizing things.
not just reading to GET IT DONE.
sure we should all know the stories and parables and psalms and proverbs....
but what i have learned in these past few weeks is just GO WITH GOD'S FLOW HE'S LIKE A RIVER
there's a great email class you can get and even print out from i really don't recommend watching CBN but
there are many radio programs and worship music on spotify and pandora and even just the normal radio.
if you have a tape player you can get christian tapes from the library or from 1/2 price books SO cheap bc tapes aren't in right now RECORDS are but even if you have a record player you might be able to find old christian recored i just recommend you check with your pastor.

3. before you choose a denomination or pick a church within the denomination read the bible and think about it and visit churches and make friends and talk to people that live near you and see the groups that the church has BC it's very likely the church will have free bible study materials.

4. TORAH CLASS - i COMPLETELY recommend this to a NOT NEW christian.
please be skeptical PLEASE research this PLEASE do your homework PLEASE journal PLEASE take notes PLEASE read every thing several times.
but this is really great and this is "my church"
i do this once a week and i'm in genesis i'm a bit ahead for this year but i mean i guess i'll be in like exodus at  end of the year maybe leviticus so that whole I'm going to read the bible in the whole year plan i had was thrown out the window when i found out about this.

when you go on pinterest and you see an amazing picture of a bible journaled in 'DON'T COPY it" use it for inspiration.
i recommend you don't be scared of your inner artist because everyone has one and even i you are drawing stick figures on a cheap crayola sketch pad your are brave and you are putting your foot forward.
2.don't mark up your whole bible so you can't read it.
like don't use pastels?
like start with the basic crayola stuff if you aren't an artist already.
i use a lot of just micron black pens and colored ball point pens and crayons.
i used some thin crayola markers on that first page but i mean micron is really the only thing if you are actually WRITING in your bible it won't leave behind a mark on the page behind it like a ball point pen would but for the colored underlines i could have used colored microns but i didn't i just used ball point so i could save money.
our daily bread sent me a prayer journal like AGES ago and i put it down and i recently picked it back up and here's like picture so you can see that you SHOULD write your prayers down.

ok so it took that much prayer to get me to this point to where i pray like once day MAYBE.
those were like 20-30 minute long prayer sessions where i was meditating and quiet and writing VERY fast and like just in communion with the holy spirit speaking on paper.

you don't HAVE to have anything but your mind to to do this but FOR ME it's easier on paper
and you don't HAVE to have an OUR DAILY BREAD prayer journal.
i chose to write in this because it says prayer journal it was sent to me free of charge and i like it.

i could have chosen any sort of paper loose paper a sketch pad a napkin.
so when i joined this group they were like and you SHOULD get a bible portfolio which i think i SHOULD do eventually when the timing is right and right now i'm gathering supplies and i'm sort of studying and my relationship is not perfect

but i don't want ANYONE to feel judged by anyone else
and i don't want ANYONE to feel like that HAVE to buy a CERTAIN BOOK OR GO TO A CERTAIN CAMP OR A CERTAIN REVIVAL.
God will provide and the saying is true, when a door closes He opens a window.
So Ask God for what you want.
Pray for others
Be kind
Be faithful
Be gracious
Don't doubt because you should be patient, But HE CAN AND WILL DO ANYTHING
tell others.
not about me. but your OWN experience.
I'm here telling you DON' t BUY THIS DOn't spend money on something you don't need
DOn't be materialistic
DOn't donate to a cause you aren't sure bout because someone else donated (exe. ice bucket challenge)
don't cross the street because your friend or neighbor did.
FIND YOUR CHURCH IF YOU THINK YOU SHOULD GO WHICH I Don't right now but after i move i'm most likely going to.
if you are catholic i will tell you a lot of stuff they say is misleading and please rethink what is going on.
don't pray to anyone but God. the one true God which is NOT ALLAH, NOT BUDAH, or anyone BUT JESUS.
if you are a JEW PLEASE go to the torah class.
listen to the introduction of genesis ch 1.
i don't claim to know everything and i'm Def not telling you what to do except i'm telling to do what you think you should do.
so, just do you what you think.
k thank you for following along that confusing blog post everyone which i know i didn't really get to explain everything i wanted to but i hope that i helped at least one person.


LOVE, Christa Sloan.